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ABOUT THE Dancecoin

Dancecoin™ is the official token of the TrackStream music platform.
It is used to store copyright ownership, promote music and reward artists, fans and event locations for the use of the platform and its services.

Why are we Launching an IBO instead of an ICO?

In order to ensure the viability of the platform, we are releasing the Dancecoin™ 

through an IBO (Initial Bounty Offering)
to make sure that the majority of Dancecoin™ released on markets will come from people producing the token using TrackStream.
The Dancecoin™ will be deployed in three phases. 
The initial phase is to raise capital in order to complete the development of TrackStream™ . 
In the second phase, we will launch an IBO which objective is to attract artists to the platform. 
Once we have reached our goal, the third phase will begin which will consists of promoting events where people will be able to finance a portion of their parties in Dancecoin by using TrackStream to generate revenues for artists, event locations as well as the people participating in the events.

Fund Raising

In the initial phase, we plan to raise enough capital to hire at team and complete the development of the Dancecoin™ and its integration into the TrackStream™ platform.

Initial Bounty Offering

The goal of the IBO is to bring users and artists to the TrackStream™ platform by offering rewards in Dancecoin™ for signing up on trackstream.com and referring friends.


Organizing TrackStream™ Events to finance a portion of the event with Dancecoin™ (silent parties, etc).

Road Map

We are planning to enter the market in Q4 of 2019. You can support our effort in many ways, we need users to test the beta version of the TrackStream™ player while we develop our ActiveListening™ algorithm.

Presale of the Dancecoin™ and recruiting team members

Q1 2019

Integration of Dancecoin™ in the TrackStream™ mobile player beta.

Q2 2019

Launch of the IBO (Initial Bounty Offering)

Q3 2019

Launching TrackStream™ Events.

Q4 2019

Presale Calendar

Our business model is a geared towards growing our user base and releasing a proportionate amount of token in the market to ensure steady growth.

Start Date End Date Quantity Price Sold Status


We are currently looking for software engineers, marketing experts and social media evangelists to help spread the word.
If you want to join the team, send your resume to careers@humanlevel.ai

team memeber

Claude Jr Belizaire

Founder / Software Engineer
team memeber

Karima Cherifi

Co-founder / Kinesiologist
team memeber

Julien Klein

Co-founder / Business Development


We will shortly begin testing the TrackStreammobile app and will post feedback from our users.
You can start earning Dancecoin™ by becoming a beta tester.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some FAQs about the Dancecoin™

By signing up to a free account on TrackStream™, you receive 10 Dancecoin™. To receive additional Dancecoin™ tokens, you simply have to dance while using the TrackStream™ mobile app.

Every time you dance on a song streamed from TrackStream™, the equivalent of $0.01 USD is generated in Dancecoin™ and distributed between you (1/3) and the artist (2/3).

Every time someone signs up using your referral link, you receive 10 Dancecoin™ tokens.

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